Supporting the Scout Group

We are always looking for people to help support our Scout Group.  There are many different ways you can help, but we've listed some below as an indication.

All posts within our Scout Group require a PVG Scotland (unless specified below)


Regular Support Posts (weekly or couple of times a month)

POST Timescale (indicitive) Details
Section Leader Weekly Manager in Charge of a Section
Assistant Section Leader Weekly Assistant Leader working as a Team to provide a balanced program for a Section
Sectional Assistant Weekly Provide Support to the Leadership Team
Assistant Group Scout Leader Weekly Assist the Group Scout Leader in the running and management of All Sections in the Scout Group


Support Posts (Monthly or as required)

POST Timescale (indicitive) Details
Scout Active Support Member as required Support the running of Events and Activities offered within the Scout Group and Sections.  Other duties as agreed
Scout Active Support Administrator as required Support the Scout Active Support Manager in the adminitration of the Scout Active Support Section
Scout Active Support Manager Monthly Manage the Active Support Section as agreed by the Group Scout Leader


Less Regular Support Posts (Monthly or Quarterly)

POST Timescale (indicitive) Details
Member Group Executive Committee Quarterly Serve as a Trustee on the Scout Executive Committee dealing with the Non-Uniformed element of the Group
Executive Sub Committee Member Quarterly Support specialised areas as delegated from the Group Executive. Including areas such as Public Relations, Media, Finance
Quartermaster varies Support the maintenance of our Scout Equipment and Stores.
Parent Helper (none PVG) 6 weekly  Support the Sections and Group on an agreed basis no more that 1:6 weeks. No overnight activities
Parent Helper (PVG) Monthly  More regular support. Can support overnight activities