26th Dundee Scout Group

The scout group was first registered in November 1919 as part of the western local association. The cubs followed in 1922. The group started with 1 leader, called William Kidd and 2 PLs. There were 20 in the group in total.

In 1946 the group went into abeyance but continued to meet as a patrol of scouts in the nearby 14th Ryehill until January 1958 group was re-registered and became one of the strongest groups in Dundee and has always flourished.

When scouting was established in Dundee the 26th were one of 60 scout groups. Now there are only 11 left.

In 1974 the group started tenderpads (current name for Beaver Scouts)

The group numbers were about 20-40 until the late 80's when 2 cub packs were formed. They were called Logie and blackness after the 2 groups that closed and joined the 26th. 18th Blackness and the 29th Logie

1986 the group started 2 beaver colonies which was then the increase in numbers. The group made 100 members the largest Dundee had ever seen

In 1987 the group started its first venture scout unit RRS discovery. Shortly after this the group adopted the discovery badge to keep the links with ship which used to belong to scouting in London.

The group increased and is the only group in Dundee to have numbers over 100

In 2002 the group was restructured as part of the Scottish scouting review and venture scouting as replaced with explorer scouting which was not part of the group. This saw the group loose a section and about 25 members from our numbers. Despite this the group still recorded numbers of about 150-170

In 2008 the group started up scout active support section of adult who help leaders.

Today the 26th scout group is one of the biggest in Scotland and in 2008 was within the top 10 for development in the UK.

The Group has been gradually increasing numbers and in 2013 our numbers went above 200 for the first time.