Vanessa (Hine) Taylor

By Drummond on July 17, 2017

Vanessa (Hine) Taylor, Group Secretary and Parent

Vanessa (Hine) Taylor

As some of you may have heard Vanessa, our Scout Group Secretary, passed away suddenly and unexpected during the evening Tuesday 27/Wednesday 28 June. Her sons Fraser and Innes were just preparing to attend our Luxembourg Scout camp.

It was a real shock when I received the phone call from Andy informing me that she had passed away. Vanessa was a great support to the scout group over the years and wanted to do what she could to ensure her boys got the best from the Scout Group and the Scout Group got all the support we needed. Vanessa was one of these people that loved the challenge and recently started a Scout Post in Invergowrie. She also ran cake and candy stalls with Innes to raise funds for the Group.

It was then especially touching after speaking to Andy, that he indicated that the boys still wanted to go to our International camp. All I can say is that Venessa would have been very proud of the boys with the way they coped with this challenging time. The entire Leadership team were delighted to see the boys come on the trip and were prepared to support them in any way that was required. In true Scouting spirit, both Fraser and Innes participated in the camp fully and impressed the Leaders with their mature and brave involvement.

Now that the boys are back home, the real challenge begins for them and it is now more than ever that they need to know that they are very much part of the large Scouting Family and we are there to support them. Representatives for the Scout Group will be attending Vanessa's funeral on Tuesday to celebrate her life.

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